Rendang Telur(Rendang Egg) Recipe

Rendang Telur(Rendang Egg) Recipe

Rendang Telur Recipe


16 egg
1 liter thick coconut milk
1 liter thin coconut milk
2,5 tablespoon of thin sliced brown sugar
4 kandis acid
6 lemongrass
4 teaspoon of salt
2 turmeric leaf
30 pieces of red onions

Softened Seasoning

12 garlic
2 teaspoon of coriander powder
1/2 teaspoon of fennel
4cm galangal
1/2 spoon of cumin
4cm of turmeric
5-7 pieces of red chili
4cm medium ginger
Cooking oil


How to Make Rendang Telur

1. Boil the eggs
2. Meanwhile puree all softened seasoning and sauteing them
3. Stir until aroma smelled
4. After the egg boiled , fried the egg
5. Mix egg with  sauteed ingredient , stir it again
6. enter a kandis acid , brown sugar , and thin coconut milk , stir it until a coconut milk curdle
7. Enter a salt to taste , stir again
8. Enter a chopped red chili
9. Last enter a thick coconut milk , don't forget to always stirring

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