Dendeng Batokok(Sprawl Beef) Recipe

Dendeng Batokok(Sprawl Beef) Recipe

Dendeng Batokok Recipe


300 gram beef
600 ml of coconut water
1/2  tablespoon coriander
3 garlic
1 segment ginger
7 big green chili
15 Cayenne pepper
1 green tomato
5 red chili
100 ml stew water
2 tablespoon margarine

How to make Dendeng Batokok

Crush a coriander, ginger, garlic and 1 tablespoon salt then coat the beef with seasoning , let stand for 15 minutes , meanwhile boil the coconut water , then enter the coated beef , cook until the beef soft, approximately for 45 minutes , let the water decrease , while waiting for a beef , roughly smash a green chili ,
 cayenne pepper and red chili
if the beef  matured then lift beef , set aside a water 100 ml for a sauce . slice thin a beef  , then hit the beef with ulekan(stone)
 to make a beef thinning and wider
next , roast the beef on the oven or grill for 20 minutes , to make sauce add a margarine then saute the smashed ingredient . 
cook until aroma smelled give a stew water and boil them , then give a chopped tomato and lime water , give a salt to taste , 
cook for a few time and lift it
serve Dendeng Batokok and pour a sauce into it

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