Gudeg Jackfruit Recipe

Gudeg Jackfruit Recipe

Gudeg jackfruit Recipe

Gudeg Food Recipe

The one of most famous Yogyakarta Food made of jackfruit cooked with coconut milk , gudeg also have many variation : Wet Gudeg , Fry Gudeg , Solo Gudeg  .
Gudeg usually served with thick coconut milk , sauce , and tofu 

Main Ingredient 

200 gram smoothed palm sugar
10 boiled eggs
10 bay leaf
4 cm of galangal
2 liter of coconut milk
1 kg of jackfruit , cut it into small pieces

Softened Seasoning

15 pieces of red onions
10 pieces of garlic
10 piece of hazelnut , roast it 
1 tablespoon of coriander, roast it
2 tablespoon of salt
1/2 teaspoon of pepper powder

How to make Gudeg 

1.Wash the jackfruit then boil it briefly 

2.Cover the pan with bay leaf then put sliced galangal on the above  . Enter the boiled jackfruit , boiled egg and palm sugar

3.Mix a half  coconut milk with softened seasoning stir it until evenly mixed then pour it to the pan

4.Pour a remaining coconut milk until the jackfruit and egg submerged then close the pan

5.Cook with a medium fire for 2 hours (Dont open the pan) , if the water slightly , lift and move the egg

6.Pour the coconut milk , stir while destroy the jackfruit , enter the egg again 

7.Reduce the fire cook again for 3-4 hours while stirring occasionally . Cook until the coconut milk exhausted and gudeg's color is  brown

8. Serve it :D

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