Padang Beef Satay Recipe

Padang Beef Satay Recipe



1 lemongrass
1 kg beef
4 lime leaves
50 gram rice flour

Soft Seasoning 

2 cm ginger , slice
10 red onions
10 red chili
2 tablespoon coriander
2 cm galangal , slice
1 tablespoon turmeric , slice
1 teaspoon toasted cumin
1 teaspoon pepper

How to make Satay

1. Boil a beef with soft seasoning without rice 
2. Slice beef into small pieces
3. Don't throw a stew water 
4. skewers all beef and roast beef 

How to Make Sauce 

1. Boil the remaining stew water again 
2. add a rice flour and stir until curdle

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