Pempek Kapal Selam(Submarine) Recipe

Pempek Kapal Selam(Submarine) Recipe

Pempek: Kapal Selam(Submarine) Recipe

Pempek Recipe
Pempek is originated from South Sumatera , the name pempek is refers to  the old Chinese man who first produced these fish and tapioca cakes , pempek come to variety shape and size .
The most famed is kapal selam  contain a chicken eeg and shrimp , pempek served with hot sauce(cuko sauce) made of soy sauce,palm sugar and cayenne pepper.

Main Ingredients 

4 gram of mackerel's fish meat
200 ml cold water
1/2 tablespoon of salt
3 pieces of garlic
3 gram of sago flour

Cuko Sauce Ingredients:

4 pieces of pureed red chili
4 pieces of  pureed cayenne pepper
500 ml of water 
50 gram of sugar
25 gram of salt
4 tablespoons of salty soy sauce
100 ml of tamarind water
2 tablespoons of peeled dried shrimp

How to make

1. First , blend the mackerel fish meat , garlic , cold water and salt  ,blend until all ingredients evenly mixed and smooth

2. Next, add a sago flour and  blended ingredient(from first step) to be one and stir and in knead it  until the  batter not sticky and ready to be formed

3.Then , for the batter into pieces and make every pieces 100 gram

4.After that form the batter into circle and make the concave on middle , then press the batter's sac to make it more solid and greater sac

5.Then , pour a chicken egg on the concave then lid the end of the sac until closed 

6.Next, boli the submarine pempek until float after that fried it until yellowing and browning 

How to make cuko sauce

- Boil all ingredients until boiled , 

Final Step :

-Serve it :D

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